Unlock specific Cell or Cells during Protection

Some time it is required to lock all the contents but except of some specific cell(s). MS Excel also has provided this facility to unlock specific cell or cells while protecting whole of the rest sheet. See below

Suppose, in above figure you want to allow user to change his name, roll number program etc at show in above (Arrow 1) but you don’t want to allow the user to change the formula we inserted to merge all the cells of student info (Arrow 2)

Simply You want to allow the user to change the specific part of the sheet but not the whole worksheet. For this purpose first of all you need to unlock those specific cells that you want to be changeable during protecting others. (Cell in box, Arrow 1)

  • Select the cells that you want to allow user to change.
  • Right click and select Format Cell (See Below)

  • New popup FORMAT CELLS box will appear.
  • Click on Protect tab (Arrow 1)
  • Uncheck the Locked Option (Arrow 2)

  • Click OK
  • Now these cells have been unprotected and user can change their values.
  • Yes, its done, now whole of the sheet has been protected except those selected cell that you have unlocked, 
Now u reader can edit or change these cell (Arrow 1 in first picture) but not any other content.

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