Samsung PC Studio 3.1 User’s Guide

Samsung PC Studio 3.1
Samsung PC Studio 3.1

Samsung PC Studio is a Windows-based PC programme package that you can use easily to manage personal data and multimedia files by connecting a Samsung Mobiles to your PC.

The system requirements for Samsung PC Studio are as follows.

  • Windows 2000 or XP family
  • At least 300MB of free disk space
  • Interface devices such as USB, IrDA, and Bluetooth for the connection with the Phone

※ To use PC Studio multimedia functions such as MMS Composer, Microsoft® DirectX® version 9.0 or higher is required.


  1. Overview
  2. Connection
    Connecting Phone to PC, Starting Connection Manager, USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, Serial.
  3. Phone Editor
    Overview, Starting Phone Editor, Phonebook Management, Organiser Management, Settings Management, Importing and Exporting,
  4. Message Manager
    Overview, Starting Message Manager, Text Message Management, Multimedia Message Management,
  5. PC Sync
    Overview, Starting PC Sync, Synchronising, Options and Settings, Full Synchronization.
  6. Phone Explorer
    Overview, Starting Phone Explorer, Folders and Files View, Transferring Files between Phone and PC, Opening Files, Renaming Files, Deleting Files.
  7. Networking Wizard
    Overview, Starting Networking Wizard, Creating a New Connection, Modifying a Connection, Removing a Connection, Using Dial-up Connection.
  8. MMS Composer
    Overview, Starting MMS Composer, Creating New Multimedia Messages, Opening Multimedia Messages, Saving Multimedia Messages, Composing Multimedia Messages, Sending Multimedia Messages, Working with Message Manager
  9. Multimedia Manager
    Overview, Organize, Edit, Create, Share, Mobile Phone, Music.
  10. Multimedia Player
    Overview, View Photo, Play Sound, Play Movie.