MS Word Short-Cut Keys

Shortcut keys Compatibility
  • Microsoft Word 97 Viewer
  • Microsoft Office Word 2003
  • Microsoft Word 2002
  • Microsoft Word 2000
  • Microsoft Word 97 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 2013 or higher

This Post shows most common keyboard shortcuts for MS Word 2013 or higher. These shortcuts refer to the U.S. keyboard layout. Keys for other layouts might not correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard.

© Ctrl-Alt-C
® Ctrl-Alt-R
Application window—maximize Alt-F10
Application window—previous Alt-Shift-F6
Application window—restore Alt-F5
AutoFormat Ctrl-Alt-K
AutoText—create Alt-F3
AutoText—insert entry F3
AutoText—insert entry Ctrl-Alt-V
Bold Ctrl-B
Bookmarks Ctrl-Shift-F5
Break—column Ctrl-Shift-Enter
Break—page Ctrl-Enter
Browse a document Ctrl-Alt-Home
Browse next/previous item Ctrl-PgDn/PgUp
Case change (capitalization) Shift-F3
Case—All Caps Ctrl-Shift-A
Close Ctrl-F4
Close Ctrl-W
Copy Ctrl-C
Copy formatting Ctrl-Shift-C
Customize a menu Ctrl-Alt  =
Customize a shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Num +
Cut Ctrl-X
Date Field Alt-Shift-D
Dialog box next tabbed section Ctrl-Tab
Dialog box previous tabbed section Ctrl-Shift-Tab
Document window—move Ctrl-F7
Document window—restore Ctrl-F5
Document window—size Ctrl-F8
Drawing—constrain shape to symmetrical Shift-drag
Drawing—draw from center Ctrl-drag
Ellipsis Ctrl-Alt- .
Em Dash Ctrl-Alt-Num –
En Dash Ctrl-Num –
Endnote Ctrl-Alt-E
Exit application Alt-F4
Fields—display code (toggle) Shift-F9
Fields—display codes (toggle) Alt-F9
Fields—double-click in field Alt-Shift-F9
Fields—insert blank field Ctrl-F9
Fields—lock a field Ctrl-3
Fields—lock a field Ctrl-F11
Fields—next field F11
Fields—previous field Shift-F11
Fields—unlink a field Ctrl-6
Fields—unlink a field Ctrl-Shift-F9
Fields—unlock a field Ctrl-4
Fields—unlock a field Ctrl-Shift-F11
Fields—update Alt-Shift-U
Fields—update link in source Ctrl-Shift-F7
Fields—update selected field F9
Find Ctrl-F
Font Ctrl-D
Font Face Ctrl-Shift-F
Font grow/shrink 1 pt. Ctrl- ] or [
Font next/previous size Ctrl-Shift- >or <
Font Size Ctrl-Shift-P
Footnote Ctrl-Alt-F
Go Back (3 maximum) Shift-F5
Go Back (3 maximum) Ctrl-Alt-Z
GoTo Ctrl-G
GoTo Next/Previous Paragraph Ctrl-Up/Down
GoTo Next/Previous Word Ctrl-Left/Right
Graphic—crop Shift-drag
Graphic—original proportions Ctrl-click
Hanging indent—decrease Ctrl-Shift-T
Hanging Indent—increase Ctrl-T
Hard hyphen – Ctrl-Shift  –
Hard space Ctrl-Shift-spacebar
Header/Footer—link to previous Alt-Shift-R
Heading Level 1 Ctrl-Alt-1
Heading Level 2 Ctrl-Alt-2
Heading Level 3 Ctrl-Alt-3
Help F1
Help—What’s This? Shift-F1
Hidden text Ctrl-Shift-H
Hyperlink Ctrl-K
Indent—decrease Ctrl-Shift-M
Indent—increase Ctrl-M
Insert Comment Ctrl-Alt-M
Insert ListNum field Ctrl-Alt-L
Italics Ctrl-I
Justify—Center Ctrl-E
Justify—Full Ctrl-J
Justify—Left Ctrl-L
Justify—Right Ctrl-R
Line-spacing 1 Ctrl-1
Line-spacing 1.5 Ctrl-5
Line-spacing 2 Ctrl-2
List Bullet Style Ctrl-Shift-L
Macros—edit Alt-F8
Macros—view VBA code Alt-F11
Mark—Index entry Alt-Shift-X
Mark—TOA citation Alt-Shift-I
Mark—TOC entry Alt-Shift-O
Maximize window Ctrl-F10
Menu Bar F10
Merge—data edit Alt-Shift-E
Merge—field insert Alt-Shift-F
Merge—preview Alt-Shift-K
Merge—to document Alt-Shift-N
Merge—to printer Alt-Shift-M
Microsoft Script Editor Alt-Shift-F11
Microsoft System Info Ctrl-Alt-F1
Move between master/subdocument Ctrl-
New document Ctrl-N
Newline within paragraph Shift-Enter
Next window Ctrl-F6
Nonprinting characters on/off Ctrl-Shift-8
Normal Style Ctrl-Shift-N
Open a document Ctrl-O
Outlining—collapse Alt-Shift  –
Outlining—collapse Alt-Shift-Num  –
Outlining—expand Alt-Shift  =
Outlining—expand Alt-Shift-Num  +
Outlining—move up/down Alt-Shift-Up/Down
Outlining—promote/demote Alt-Shift-Left/Right
Outlining—Show 1st line Alt-Shift-L
Outlining—Show Heading 1 Alt-Shift-1
Outlining—Show Heading 2 Alt-Shift-2
Outlining—Show Heading 3 Alt-Shift-3
Outlining—Show Heading 4 Alt-Shift-4
Outlining—Show Heading 5 Alt-Shift-5
Outlining—Show Heading 6 Alt-Shift-6
Outlining—Show Heading 7 Alt-Shift-7
Outlining—Show Heading 8 Alt-Shift-8
Outlining—Show Heading 9 Alt-Shift-9
Outlining—Show All Headings Alt-Shift-A
Page number field Alt-Shift-P
Pane—Close Alt-Shift-C
Paragraph Space Above (add/delete 12 pt.) Ctrl-0 (zero)
Paste Ctrl-V
Paste formatting Ctrl-Shift-V
Print Ctrl-P
Print Preview Ctrl-Alt-I
Remove Character formats Ctrl-spacebar
Remove Character formats Ctrl-Shift-Z
Remove menu item Ctrl-Alt  –
Remove Paragraph formats Ctrl-Q
Repeat Find Shift-F4
Repeat Find Ctrl-Alt-Y
Repeat/Redo Ctrl-Y
Replace Ctrl-H
Revision Marks on/off Ctrl-Shift-E
Save Ctrl-S
Save As F12
Select All Ctrl-A
Selection extended F8
Selection reduced Shift-F8
Shortcut Menu Shift-F10
Small Caps Ctrl-Shift-K
Soft hyphen – Ctrl  –
Spelling and Grammar check F7
Spell-It—display next misspelling Alt-F7
Spike—cut to Ctrl-F3
Spike—paste Ctrl-Shift-F3
Split a window Ctrl-Alt-S
Style box Ctrl-Shift-S
Subscript Ctrl  =
Superscript Ctrl-Shift  =
Symbol Font Ctrl-Shift-Q
Table—remove border lines Ctrl-Alt-U
Table—to column bottom Alt-PgDn
Table—to column top Alt-PgUp
Table—to row beginning Alt-Home
Table—to row end Alt-End
Thesaurus Shift-F7
Time Field Alt-Shift-T
To bottom/top of screen Ctrl-Alt-PgDn/PgUp
Underline Ctrl-U
Underline—double Ctrl-Shift-D
Underline—word Ctrl-Shift-W
Undo Ctrl-Z
View—Normal Ctrl-Alt-N
View—Outline Ctrl-Alt-O
View—Page Ctrl-Alt-P
Window pane—next F6
Window pane—previous Shift-F6

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