Insert bullets to a list

Bullets and Numbers make the list more attractive, useful and easily understandable for the reader and others. The Bullets command and Numbers command are quite useful and common for text formatting. You can follow the same way to find out both commands in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher

1. Start the list with Bullet Points

follow the steps.
  1. Go to home tab
  2. Go to paragraph box
  3. the click on   button, Bullets will be inserted,
Just start typing the text and press enter to insert another bullet.

1.1 Insert Bullets after typing

  1. select the list lines to which you want to add bullets
  2. Go to Home tab
  3. Then paragraph 
  4. Click the   button, Bullets will be inserted

1.2 Quickly insert Bullet

Just type * a dn press SPACE button, bullet will be automatically inserted
Quickly insert bullets into Microsoft Word by typing an asterisk (*), a space, and then your sentence. When enter is pressed Microsoft Word will automatically change your asterisks to a bullet and text proceeding that text. Below is an example of how this may look. (

1.3 Insert the more stylish bullet

There are many other icons that you can insert instead of a simple bullet. 
Click the ARROW DOWN  to see different styles of bullets. A complete list will be shown, then select your favorite bullet to insert.

1.4 Insert an image to the bullet

Click the ARROW DOWN  to see different styles of bullets. At the end click on DEFINE NEW BULLET

After selecting you will see a new window having two main Buttons.

First one is the SYMBOL to insert any symbol insert of simple bullet
Second is PICTURE to insert the picture instead of Bullet

Select any image and click OK, Do the same to insert symbols.

1.5 Customize the Bullet

Click on bullet or number, the whole list of bullets or numbers will be selected, then you can change the colour fro, FONT menu as well as you can change the size from Size option in FONT menu.

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