How to enable or disable mono audio in Windows 10


Modern electronic devices such as PCs and video players allow users to easily switch the audio channel between stereo and mono in an instant. That said, a majority of us do not know the difference between the two, namely, mono and stereo audio.

We will know more about this and will also see the method of activation of the mono audio output in Windows 10. It is obvious that each individual will have his own interpretation of the terms “Mono” and “Stereo“, influenced by their own experiences and expectations. At the simplest level, Stereo means a sound system that comes from more than one source and is directed by two or more speakers that surround the listener. It induces spatial magic by creating the illusion that you are in the middle of a three-dimensional sound source.

On the other hand, Mono audio has only one spatial dimension; something that can be near (loud) or far (quiet) from the listener. People or people with hearing loss find Mono audio useful. As such, with accessibility options directly integrated into the operating system, users who may have difficulty using their computers normally can get a few more features of their preferred operating system. Windows 10 Creators Update offers the mono audio option. It is integrated directly into the settings.

The Ease of Access settings include Mono audio so you can easily turn it on or off. In this guide, we will help you manage the activation of mono audio in Windows 10.

Note: Mono audio is an accessibility feature available in the Windows 10 15025 build or later running on your PC.

How to enable or disable mono audio in Windows 10

Enabling Audio Mono in Windows 10

Step 1 – First, tap the Windows logo, then select the Settings icon. You can also press the Win and I keys to display the Settings application.


Step 2 – Now on the Settings home page, find and click on the Ease of Access category.


Step 3 – You will find several options in the left pane of Ease of Access. Select Other options.


Step 4 – Next, look for the audio options in the right pane. Just below, the Mono audio will be visible.


Disable mono audio

Step 5 – Now, to turn off mono audio in Windows 10, simply slide the slide to the left.


Mono audio is a very useful and practical feature for visually impaired users. These users support the screen reader application to read all the contents of the PC. Thus, when they are in a meeting, they use headphones to hear the contents of the screen. In this situation, most users put a single earphone to listen to the PC and with another ear they hear the people around them. And therefore, they cannot hear the sound that is blown on the other headset. So changing the audio to Mono mode will direct all audio to both ears and so there will be no obstacle in their hearing.

Go through How to enable reading aloud on Microsoft Edge to clearly hear the content of a web page.

This option ensures that you will not miss any notes or sounds with a headset or headphones.

Therefore, each time you use headphones, turn on Mono audio to not omit sound, note, or other important information. Not only the Mono audio, but Microsoft has also included Braille support in Windows 10.

Take advantage of these features and leave your comments in the below section. We will be eager to read them.

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