Connection – Samsung PC Studio 3.1

Connecting Phone to PC

PC Studio connects a Samsung Electronics Phone (called the “Phone” hereinafter) to your PC, and provides various functions to manage the Phone data on your PC.

The Phone can be connected to the PC using four different connection types: USB, Bluetooth, Infrared or Serial. The connection type supported may vary depending on the Phone model, and can be checked in the manual provided with your Phone..

If you want to make a Bluetooth connection between your Phone and PC, you need to have Bluetooth Wireless Technology Devices that are supported by the Bluetooth stack:

① Microsoft Bluetooth (Window XP Service Pack 2 or above)

② WIDCOMM BTW SP5 or higher version

③ Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

④ IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth Stack

The procedures for connecting Phone to PC are as follows.

① Choose the connection type using the PC Studio Connection Wizard or Connection Manager.

(When PC Studio installation is complete, the Connection Wizard window opens automatically, guiding you on how to set the desired connection type.

When the initial setting has been done, you can also use the Connection Manager to specify the desired connection type.)

② Set up the Phone for connection. (E.g. select whether to use Bluetooth in the Bluetooth connection type)

③ Connect the Phone to the PC using the selected connection type.

Starting Connection Manager

Connection Manager can be started through either of the following:

When Samsung PC Studio gets started, a Launcher window appears. In the Launcher

window, select the pulldown menu File Connection.

Point to the Samsung PC Studio tray icon and click the right button of your mouse. When the Context menu appears, click Connection.

In each Samsung PC Studio application, click Connection in the submenu of the pulldown menu File.

For connection of Phone to PC via USB, select USB in the Connection Wizard window or click the USB icon in the main screen of Connection Manager. USB is marked in the Select Connection Type at the top, which means USB is selected as the connection type.

When USB is selected in Connection Manager (or Connection Wizard) and the Phone is connected to the PC via a USB data cable, PC Studio recognises the connection. The Phone model and connection type are displayed in the connection status area at the bottom as follows.

SGH-OOO Connected via USB

For connection via USB, the USB driver for the Phone should be installed on the PC in advance.


For connection of Phone to PC via Bluetooth, select Bluetooth and click the Next button in the Connection Wizard window that appears after programme installation.

Alternatively, in the main screen of the Connection Manager, you can click the Bluetooth icon or click the Wizard button at the top, with the Bluetooth icon selected.

A Bluetooth connection can be made in two ways:

  1. Connect Phone to PC by using the Connection Wizard

– Select the “Connect Phone to PC by using the Connection Wizard” option and click the Next button. The next window shows whether the Bluetooth software is installed properly in your PC. Click the Next button to go to the next step.

(Some phone models may not support Auto Detection. If this is the case, connect your phone by choosing a port manually according to the description below.)

– The next window shows a list of devices found via Bluetooth. From the list, select the phone that you want to connect and click the Next button to go to the next step.

– Enter a number in the PIN Code Request page and then click the Send button. A message appears in the Phone prompting for a PIN code. Enter the same number that you entered in the PC to pair the Phone and the PC via Bluetooth. (If Auto Detection does not proceed normally, make sure that the Bluetooth hardware and software are installed properly in the PC and that, in the Bluetooth settings in your phone, the Bluetooth option is enabled and the Visibility option is set to “Visible”. Depending on the phone model, it may prompt for confirmation on pairing with a PC more than once. Make sure to answer yes to all these prompts.)

2. Connect Phone to PC by choosing a port manually

– If the Bluetooth software does not support or perform Auto Detection, you should choose a port manually to connect your phone to a PC.

– Choose the Bluetooth port number of the connected Bluetooth device. Then click the Next button to make a connection via Bluetooth.

※ For connection via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth device should be installed on the PC and the SPP (Serial Port Profile) of the device should be available. In addition, Bluetooth Pairing between PC and Phone is a prerequisite. For further information about SPP installation of a Bluetooth device, refer to the distributed software instructions.

※ For s ome phone mod e ls , the ‘Connec t Phone to PC by us ing the Connec tion Wizard‘ op tion may not work. Furthermore, some may also not support auto detection of Bluetooth software by the Connection Wizard. If so, you should first connect a DUN (Dial Up Networking) port with the Bluetooth software and then choose a port number manually. To check whether your phone supports a DUN port, refer to your phone’s manual.

If the Bluetooth function is enabled in the Phone, the connection of the Phone is marked in the Connection Manager settings or Launcher as follows.

SGH-OOO Connected via Bluetooth


For connection of Phone to PC via an Infrared port, select Infrared in the Connection Wizard window that appears after programme installation or select the Infrared icon in the Connection Manager screen.

Activate the Infrared function of the Phone. When the PC and Phone are successfully connected via Infrared by pointing the Phone at the PC’s Infrared device terminal, PC Studio marks the connection.


For connection of Phone to PC via a Serial Data Cable, select Serial in the Connection Wizard window that appears after programme installation or, in the main Connection Manager screen, click the Serial icon and Configuration button at the top right. Select the appropriate Serial Port and click the OK button.

When the Phone is connected to the Serial Port of the PC via a compatible Serial data cable, PC Studio marks the connection.