Basic Computer Skills

Personal Computer
Personal Computer Set

If you are looking for basic computer skills or to upgrade computer skills you already have, review our free Basic Computer Skills tutorial.

Basic Skills
  1. Getting Started with Your First Computer
  2. How to Use PC’s Built-in Help
  3. Undo Your Mistakes
  4. Understanding File Extensions
  5. Downloading and Uploading
  6. Free Software
  7. What is a PDF File?
Setup and Maintenance
  1. How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Network
  2. How to Update Your Software
  3. Customize Desktop Background
  4. When Computer Gets a Virus
  5. How to Set Up a New Printer
  6. How to Power Cycle a Device
  7. Disable Startup Applications
  8. Keep an Old Computer Smooth
  9. Tips for Speeding Up Your Computer
  10. How to Defragment Your Hard Drive
Installing and Uninstalling Software
  1. Installing Software on Your Windows
  2. Installing Software on Your Mac
  3. Uninstalling S/w from Windows
  4. Uninstalling Software from Mac
  5. Starting a Computer in Safe Mode

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